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Valentina Grigoryeva Biography

Who is Valentina Grigoryeva?

Valentina Grigoryeva, who at present is widely acknowledged as the girlfriend of Stanislav Reshetnikov notoriously familiar as Stas Reeflay. She was 28 years old. In that sense, we can predict that she was born in the year 1992. She was pregnant with the baby of her boyfriend Stas Reeflay. Later after her death, people found out that she was in an abusive relationship and the abuser was her boyfriend Reeflay and his viewers who achieved satisfaction when seeing Valentina being abused and tortured by Stas.

Why is Valentina Grigoryeva trending? Death Reason?

Valentina Grigoryeva was killed by her boyfriend whose baby was growing in her womb. She was forced to stay on the balcony by Stas after he got a proposal of $1000 dollars if he became successful to keep his girlfriend outside in freezing temperature with only underwear and bra on her body. She has to perform this order unwillingly and his greed for $1000 dollars cost Valentina to lose her life and their unborn baby.

Stas was unaware of Valentina’s condition who was fighting outside on the balcony with icy-cold temperature. After a few hours later, he found Valentina lying on the floor senseless. All the vents were happening in front of numerous viewers. He called an ambulance and when paramedics arrived and checked Valentina’s pulse, she was already gone. On further investigation, the cause of her death was declared due to hypothermia.

Valentina’s murderer, Stasis now under police custody but like Valentina, many other people are also facing such abuse and torture which are shown live just for the sake of some views and earnings. All of these acts should be recorded and the criminals must be captured on the spot or else more Valentina will die every day. (Update: 12/3/2020)

Biography and Quick Wiki

NameValentina Grigoryeva
Full Real NameN/A
Date of Birth (Birthday) In the year 1992
Age28 years old (2023)
Net worthN/A
Educational qualificationsN/A

Valentina Grigoryeva Other Quick Information

Profession: N/A

Weight: N/A

Body Measurements: N/A

Religion: N/A

Income/Earnings/Salary 💲: N/A

Education Qualification 🎓: N/A

School/college 🏫: N/A

Father Name: N/A

Mother Name:  N/A

Brother Name: N/A

Sister Name: N/A

Marital status: N/A

Relationship Status ❤: N/A

Girlfriend Name: N/A

Wife Name: N/A

Children/Kids: N/A

Son Name: N/A

Daughter Name: N/A

Facebook Account: No

Instagram Account: No

Twitter Account: No

Wikipedia: NO


Some facts about Valentina Grigoryeva

Some facts about Valentina Grigoryeva

  • She was facing such abuse from before. Previously, Stas sprayed him pepper spray as one of his pranks.
  • Regarding her family, nothing has been disclosed properly.
  • Her cause of death was hypothermia.
Valentina Grigoryeva with Stas Reeflay

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