Top 3 Golf Players of All Time and Why They Are Good

Top 3 Golf Players of All Time and Why They Are Good

The golf world has witnessed different eras and several competitions over several decades, with iconic players dominating each era. As such, creating a list of the most revered and influential golfers in the sport’s history is difficult. The sport has featured stars with outstanding skills, from trailblazers in the professional years to today’s superstars.

This article lists the top three golfers of all time and why they are good. We ranked them according to their PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) tour victories and their impact on the game’s growth. It’s a tough task, though, considering the game’s history has an immense level of talent and legacy.

It’s an obvious choice, but Tiger Woods is the first golfer on our list here. At his peak, he was considered a god among men; he had 79 PGA tour victories and 14 majors. Out of 46 consecutive majors, Woods finished in the top 30 of 44, winning four straight majors in 2000-2001. This made him the only person to have ever held all four titles simultaneously.

However, the most impressive stretch of Woods’ career is his placing in the top four in 12 and winning six of 24 majors from 2005-2008. Out of the 79 PGA tour victories, Woods won 65 before turning 33, and he won at least three of all his majors, making him a wonder for gamers. It was obvious that Tiger Woods was the full package with a once-in-a-lifetime career as an athlete. Perhaps he was so good because he had a winning mentality and aura that captured the world’s imagination. If you are also a cricket fan you can click here and follow all cricket tournaments.

In addition to all his wins, Woods won PGA Tour Player of the Year eleven times. He is number one in PGA Tour wins and has a list of records, achievements, and accolades that can fill a book. Additionally, he is the only player ever to win four majors on the bounce; he made players feel impossible shots were possible. For most fans, as long as Woods stood over the ball, prepare for the unexpected.

  • Jack Nicklaus

Although Tiger Woods had six more PGA victories than Jack Nicklaus, the latter won 18 majors. He was referred to as the Golden Bear and was in a class of his own during majors. Apart from winning 18 majors, Nicklaus was the runner-up 19 times. Also, while he won each major at least three times, he ranked among the top two eight times.

Furthermore, the highest a golfer has ever had was 46 top-10 finishes, but Nicklaus ranked a top-10 finisher 73 times. His career peak ran from 1971 to 1977, finishing top five in 23 out of 28 majors with six wins. Nicklaus undoubtedly deserves his flowers for his iconic career and dominance over the sport in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Nicklaus was a beast in golf; he dueled with Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer and won.

Nicklaus has won six Masters and at least two PGA tours in 17 seasons, winning the Grand Slam at 26, the youngest ever. The Golden Bear set the standard for modern golf, which only one man can match up to.

  • Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan was a golfer who defied the odds and refused to let even a near-fatal car accident end his career. His golfing career was interrupted during the Second World War when he served in the US Army Forces. He eventually returned to golf but got involved in a traumatic car accident that threatened his occupation and his life. Perhaps that was what made his recovery and subsequent victories even more outstanding.

Hogan is one of the greatest golfers of all time, having a record of 64 PGA tour victories and 9 Majors wins. He was known to command the ball to his will with one of the greatest golf swings ever. Hogan dominated the PGA Tour from 1946 to 1953, although the ghastly accident robbed him of the entire 1949 season. Nevertheless, he made a name for himself in the world of golf, making impacts that will be felt decades later.

In 1946 alone, Hogan was awarded a career-best thirteen tournaments; from 1946 to ’48, he won 30 tournaments. This feat, alongside taking the US Open Championship, earned him the PGA Player of the Year in 1948. He missed only seven cuts out of the 300 PGA events Hogan played. Also, he is the only man to win the US Open, Masters, and British Open in the same year.


Golf has grown rapidly, with much of the credit going to Jack Nicklaus and the many others who remained at the top of their games for years. When it comes to stability, tournament dominance, and star power, no other player combines these three like Tiger Woods. While we recognize the prowess and exemplarity of golfers past and present, Tiger Woods remains the greatest golfer of all time.