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The Ace Family net worth

Who is The Ace Family? Who are the members of The Ace Family?

The Ace Family is a Prankster Channel which turned into a family vlog account. They uploads the videos include challenges involving the member of the family and the video genre is liked by millions of viewers and is one of the new sensational channels on Youtube. The head of the family are former basketball star Austin Mcbroom and his wife Catherine Paiz and their daughters Elle and Alaia are generally the subjects of the videos. Elle is 4 years old and Alaia is one year old As of 2023.

The Ace Family has recently revealed a youtube video showing the birth of their third child and they quoted with the birth of their son, their family is now complete. Austin posted a picture of him and Catherine in the hospital and quoted “The Family is Complete“.

Biography & WIki Biography

NameThe Ace Family
Full Real Name of MembersCatherine Paiz, Austin Mcbroom, Elle Mcbroom, Alaia Mcbroom, and a son
Country USA
Date of Birth (Birthday)
Net worth (2023)$13 million USD
Educational qualificationsN/A

Some facts about The Ace Family

  • They started as a Prankster but later changed into a family vlog.
  • The video “Baby vs. YouTuber Dance Challenge” was watched over 1 million times in a single day.
  • The video BEST PROPOSAL OF ALL TIME!! WAS OVER 33 million times.
  • Kylie Jenner helped for their gender reveal event in 2018.

The Ace Family Income, Earnings & Net Worth (2023)

Their income and earnings are centred around their youtube channel which has now gained over 18 million subscribers and they earn heavy amounts from ad revenues and paid promotions and sponsorships.  Austin has also earned as a basketball player in his early days. As of 2023, The Family’s Net Worth is estimated to be around 14 million USD and in 2019 they revealed it to be $13 million USD through a video.

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