Nepali Quotes About Love, Life, Friends, Relationship, Feelings, Rape, country, etc

Nepali quotes about love life and friends

Nepali quotes

Prem Garnu Bhanda Pahile Paisa Kamauna Jaruri Dekhinchha,
Natra Garibko prem aaja bholy bazaarmaa Lilami huney gardachhan.


“It seems important to make money before making love, Otherwise, the love of the poor will be auctioned in the market tomorrow.

Timi Bhaaratmaa bechiyeko cheli matra dekhchhau,
Tara kayou Purus Khadima bechiyeko Dekhdainau.
Farak chha kebal, Cheliko Ijjat lutinchha, Purusko umer ra jawani.


“You only see sisters and daughters sold in India, but you don’t see many sons and brothers being sold in the Gulf. The only difference is that sister’s reputation is robbed, the age and youth of men.”

Ketale propose garda chahi hero re, Ani ketile garda chahi bhalu re,
yehi nakaratmak soch nepali yubamaa hunjel, K Nepal Pariwartan hola ta?


“whenever a boy proposes a girl for love, he is known as a hero. but when a girl proposes a boy. she is known as a prostitute.”

Chadkan dinuparnelaai Dhadkan diyechhu, Galti Bhayo.


“I made a mistake. I was not able to recognize my right partner.”

Jimmewaari umerle haina, paristhitile sikaudoo rahechha.


“Your age never determines your responsibility, but your circumstances do.”

Jindagima ashal manishko khoji nagarnus, Aafai asal bandai jannus,
kasaiko ichhya pura po hunchha ki!


“never try to search good human being. instead, be the one.”

Hami dubai Bich prem thiyo ya thiyena, Tara kehi ta thiyo jun prem jastai mitho thiyo.


“I did not know whether we were in love or not. but there was something, as sweet as love.”

Bhulne bhulaaune kaam dimakh ko ho,
Timi ta Mutuma chhau, Dhukka basa.


“It’s our brain’s work to forget or remember someone, you live in my heart. so don’t worry.”

Balatkaari chahi mandir pasna paauney aarey,
ani Mens bhayeki mahila chaahi Napaauney kina?


we allow A rapist to enter temple easily, but we don’t allow the girl who is in the period. why? “

Yek samaye thiyo, sabai saathi bhetera katai jane plan banainthyo,
aaja bhetnalaai plan banaunu parchha.


“there was a time, we used to plan and would go somewhere. but now, we have to plan first to meet.”

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