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Lucia wong founder and ceo of wink and winklink crypto

About Lucia wong

Lucia wong is a Chinese personality who is the current chief executive officer (CEO) of wink Cryptocurrency coin which is established by ( Wink is the self-proclaimed World’s greatest gaming DApps. wink Crypto is the Token coin for gaming gambling DApps/platforms. Before Lucia, Julia was the CEO of wink coin. It’s weird, but none of the CEOs has revealed their real face. it hasn’t been disclosed that who is the original founder of the wink Cryptocurrency coin. For your kind info, ( and are different.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Name Lucia wong
Full Real NameN/A
Net Worth (2023)IN Review
WINK crypto uses
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Is Wink (WINKLINK) in a Binance?


Will wink ever hit $1? Can wink crypto reach $1?

YES, only the matter of when? having said that, it totally depends on investors, traders, and its basic fundamental core system’s performance.

Is wink crypto a good investment? Can wink coin reach $10?

YES/NO, Just Invest some amount and Forget, that’s what we suggest. nobody can predict the future.