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Dawn Wooten ICDC Nurse

Who is Dawn Wooten? 

Dawn Wooten is an American Nurse and a recent whistleblower against a private company operating a detention center in South Georgia. She was born in the mid-’80s in Georgia, USA. As of 2023, she is around 35 years of age with 5 feet 7 inches tall in height.

She is currently working in a detention center run by LaSalle Corrections and is serving several persons in prison as well as her mates. She has somehow managed to operate in such an ignorant and corrupt environment according to her.

Why is Dawn Wooten Trending?

Dawn Wooten is trending because she has informed the authorities about the level of ignorance done by the management of LaSalle Corrections, running the Irwin detention center in Ocilla, and submitted a letter detailing the complaints to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office Of Inspector General. She has explained that the condition is just inhuman as they have directly tried to ignore the status of COVID among the prisoners as well as lower staff members. She further added the secured PPE was just for high authorities and the frontline persons was forced to manage with cloth made masks. (Update: 9/14/2020)

Biography & Wiki Quick Info

NameDawn Wooten
Agearound 35 years
Height5 feet 6 inches

Some facts about Dawn Wooten

  • She has practiced for 10 years as a professional nurse.
  • She was the one to notice the first COVID case in the detention center.
  • She explained the uncountable hysterectomies performed by a Gynaecologist that too without the prisoner’s consent.
  • She is concerned about the sanitary care and safety standards of the prisoners.
  • She was helped by a staff attorney, Priyanka Bhatt for filing the complaint.
  • She is an African-American and has supported the Black Lives Matter campaign.
  • According to Dawn, the two testing machines which were brought would give results in 8 minutes but the management didn’t operate nor provided the operational training to the staff.
  • Before Dawn’s official complaint, there had been several hunger strikes in the detention center.
  • She said that the temperature of 101.8 Fahrenheit was falsified as 97.7 Fahrenheit by the staff nearer to the management.
  • Her third COVID test was conducted on June 21.

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Dawn Wooten Facts

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