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About Arjun Ghimire

Arjun Ghimire is the Founder and CEO of DLPlatforms. DLPlatforms means the products and services that are built by DL Platforms Pvt. Ltd. The most popular product by DLplatforms is DLUpload. DLUpload currently has over 60,000 + users as of July 12th, 2020. DLPlatforms include popular web platforms like DLUpload, DLsLink, and DLEasyHost.

Arjun Ghimire Biography

NameArjun Ghimire
Known ForFounder and CEO of DLPlatforms  
Popular PlatformDLUpload, A file-sharing platform with 60,000 + users (July 11, 2020)  
Country Nepal
Date Of BirthMarch 15, 2003
Age20 (2023)
Earning1 lakhs+ / Month  
HobbyProgramming, Algorithm development  
InspirationElon Musk  
Education +2 Running (2023)
CollegeKathmandu Model College, Balkumari
SchoolRatna Shiksha Sadan
Relationship StatusSingle

Arjun Ghimire Success Story

Arjun Ghimire began his online journey at the very young age of 13. Arjun Ghimire built his first mobile app at age 13 and he built his first game at 14 which is pretty amazing. He started his first blog at the age of 15 with an initial investment of just 30$. His first blog was not quite successful but he learned about web development.

After some months into blogging and web development, he searched for clients and built a website for his client, and made his first earning of 200$. After he received his first payment of 200$ he invested it in blogging and started many blogs. Some of his blogs were very well-liked by people and he started getting very good payouts. After having good money for investment, Arjun thought of starting his own web platform.

Arjun Ghimire, Being a very enthusiastic business-minded person, was not satisfied with running a blog so he made his first plan to build a web platform that helps people to store files. With the aim to provide storage to online workers. he launched his first platform called DLUpload.

DLUpload is the first pay-per-download file-sharing platform from Nepal and DLUpload started targeting the international markets and gets the leading pay-per-download platform on the web. The first web platform of Arjun Ghimire got popular and today DLUpload has 60,000+ active users.

Currently, Arjun Ghimire and the team are regularly launching other platforms as well. One of the recently launched platforms of the DL Platforms is DLEasyHost. It is a web hosting platform. Another platform is DLsLink which is a link shortener platform currently running very well.

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Arjun Ghimire Nepali entrepreneur

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